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Criminal Defense
  • In a first-degree murder case, which included charges of armed assault with intent to murder and possession of a firearm, Norman Zalkind and Rachel Stroup won an acquittal on all charges after a three-week trial in Middlesex Superior Court.

  • In a case involving federal racketeering murder charges, Norman Zalkind and Elizabeth Lunt won an acquittal in federal court. A year earlier, they had succeeded in persuading the Justice Department not to seek the death penalty in this case.

  • After a jury trial in a sexual assault case, Norman Zalkind and Zoraida Fernandez obtained acquittals of all felony sexual assault charges, of which if convicted, the client would have to face prison time and register as a sex offender. The client received only a conviction of a single misdemeanor charge and a short probationary sentence.

  • In a federal tax fraud case, Norman Zalkind and David Duncan won a judgment of acquittal for the CEO of a large corporation.

  • In a first-degree murder case in Suffolk Superior Court, Norman Zalkind and Monica Shah won a motion to dismiss, resulting in the dismissal of the indictment against their client, on the grounds that the Commonwealth improperly presented highly prejudicial evidence to the grand jury.

  • In a case where a client was charged with first-degree murder and had repeatedly confessed to the killing, Norman Zalkind and Emma Quinn-Judge helped convince the Commonwealth to agree to a manslaughter plea.

  • Norman Zalkind and Emma Quinn-Judge persuaded a federal judge to sentence their client to 60 months, concurrent with a state sentence, although the Sentencing Guideline range in the case was 210 to 260 months.

  • Elizabeth Lunt and Ruth O’Meara-Costello won a motion for a new trial for a client charged with indecent assault and battery.

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  • Emma Quinn-Judge and Monica Shah won a nearly $11 million verdict in a race discrimination and retaliation case against the City of Boston. A Boston jury found that the City of Boston and its First Assistant Collector-Treasurer discriminated and retaliated against a Treasury employee, a black woman and longtime public servant.  Among other damages, the jury awarded $10 million in punitive damages signaling its condemnation of the City’s unlawful conduct.

  • Inga Bernstein and Norman Zalkind won a $7.6 million verdict in a case charging the MBTA with retaliation against its former Chief Administrative Officer, an African American woman, who was suspended and then fired after she filed a complaint alleging that she had been retaliated against after working to correct systemic issues with race and gender discrimination at that agency. At the time, this was the largest employment discrimination jury verdict in Massachusetts’ history.

  • Inga Bernstein won a $2.2 million verdict in federal court on behalf of a former female police officer in a discrimination and retaliation case against a police union. This was among the top jury verdicts of the year in Massachusetts.

  • Inga Bernstein and Rachel Stroup negotiated a substantial settlement as trial approached against a Commonwealth entity in a case involving discrimination on the basis of national origin and religion and retaliation.

  • In a pregnancy discrimination case where their client was terminated by her employer shortly after starting her maternity leave, Inga Bernstein and Emma Quinn-Judge negotiated a six-figure settlement on behalf of their client.

  • Inga Bernstein and Ruth O’Meara-Costello obtained a substantial settlement on behalf of a female faculty member at a local university after defeating the university’s motion for summary judgment in a gender discrimination case.

  • Inga Bernstein and Zoraida Fernandez reached a six-figure settlement on behalf of a client with gender discrimination and retaliation claims against a Commonwealth entity.
  • In an equal pay and gender and national origin discrimination case, Emma Quinn-Judge and Courtney Hostetler negotiated a six-figure settlement on behalf of their client shortly after filing a claim at the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD).

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Campus Misconduct Charges & Students’ Rights
  • David Duncan, David Russcol, Norman Zalkind, and Naomi Shatz helped a client prevail against a charge of sexual assault and three charges of physical assault brought by his ex-girlfriend who was a classmate in his graduate program. After a lengthy investigation and adjudication process, including the use of expert witnesses, the university found he had not committed those offenses.

  • Naomi Shatz and David Duncan won an appeal and rehearing with a student originally suspended from his graduate program for plagiarism. On appeal the school granted the student a new hearing based on significant procedural defects in the original hearing, and at the new hearing the student prevailed and his suspension was overturned.

  • Norman Zalkind, David Duncan, Harvey Silverglate, and Zoraida Fernandez won an appeal on behalf of a law student after he had been expelled for cheating, which resulted in the student’s re-entry to the law school.

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Other Civil
  • Norman Zalkind and the firm reached an $8 million settlement, after the jury was selected but before the opening statements, on behalf of a client who was seriously injured in a scaffolding accident on a construction worksite

  • Monica Shah won an arbitration award, including valuable real estate and six-figure monetary award, for a client who was in a longstanding contract dispute with his partner over a joint venture agreement to renovate and develop condominium units in the Boston area.

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Client Reviews
I contacted Zalkind Duncan & Bernstein Law in April 2018 to get help for my son on an education-related matter. We worked primarily with Zoraida Fernandez, an Associate, and when needed met with Ruth O'Meara-Costello, a Partner. Zoraida was excellent. The whole process was emotionally exhausting and depressing and Zoraida was the only bright light in all of it... Nancy O
I worked with Emma Quinn-Judge and Monica Shah. And from my first contact on the phone, on to my first meeting in their office and during the trial, I found them and the firm's entire team to be a group of consummate legal professionals who are very knowledgeable, patient, dedicated, fair, honest and caring... Chantal C.
I am forever grateful to all the staff at this firm, but in particular, Ms. Shah, Mr. Zalkind and Mr. Silverglate. They represented my son who was being sought for extradition to Scotland. The case took years to fight, covering new legal ground, setting precedence. But each one of these legal eagles went above and beyond the duty of office... Suzanne D.