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Since its founding, our firm has advocated for our clients in times of crises. We defend individuals facing criminal prosecution and the loss of liberty. We represent employees who face discrimination, retaliation, or other unlawful conduct at work. We also fight on behalf of clients embroiled in the hot-button legal issues of the day, whether that was defending people accused of avoiding the draft during the Vietnam war or representing students accused of misconduct at college and universities today.

Criminal Defense

We have an extraordinary breadth of experience, not only representing clients in criminal cases in both state and federal court, but also in every stage of the criminal process, from the initial stages of investigation through trial and appeal. Whether you are facing the issuance of a criminal complaint for OUI or a potential life sentence for murder, our Boston criminal defense lawyers will work tirelessly for you. Our lawyers are experienced in handling all types of drug cases, and have excellent relationships with the best toxicologists and drug experts in the area to provide a thorough defense to each of our clients. We also have significant experience representing clients accused of violent crimes, including assault and battery and murder. Our deep understanding of issues that arise in sexual assault cases, including understanding the way alcohol and drugs can affect memory and perception and understanding the forensic medical evidence used in these cases allows us to vigorously defend clients accused of sex crimes. And because our Boston criminal defense lawyers attended the best law schools in the country, and nearly all clerked in the judicial system, we are uniquely prepared to write and argue persuasive criminal appeals should the need arise.

More information on our various criminal practice areas can be found here:

Employment Law

Few moments in life are as stressful as when an employment relationship sours and an employee’s job is on the line. We understand the delicate balance that employees may need to strike in trying to improve their situations without losing their jobs before they are ready to depart. Employment law is a rapidly-evolving area of the law, and our Massachusetts employment lawyers stay on top of the latest developments in the law and work to think of creative and novel legal arguments to assist our clients. We are equally comfortable advising clients behind the scenes as they work through difficult employment situations or helping to negotiate and draft separation agreements as we are litigating difficult discrimination and retaliation cases in the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD), the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), and in state and federal court. Our Massachusetts employment lawyers are intimately familiar with the various federal and state statutes governing employment relationships in Massachusetts, including those addressing gender discrimination, sexual harassment, race discrimination, disability discrimination, and wage and hour violations. For more information on our employment practice click here.

Campus Misconduct Charges and Students’ Rights

For forty years, our firm has represented students accused of wrongdoing by their colleges and universities, helping them avoid significant discipline that could disrupt their educations and impede their ability to get work or attend graduate school. When schools started to change the way they handled campus sexual misconduct cases in 2011, leading to a significant increase in the number of students investigated for sexual misconduct, our Title IX lawyers already had a deep understanding of how college campus systems work and differ from the criminal and civil legal system. In the last few years, we have become nationally recognized for our work representing students (and faculty) accused of sexual assault and sexual harassment. Our Title IX lawyers have successfully proven our clients’ lack of responsibility in many cases, and have prevented severe disciplinary action in dozens more. We also have continued our long-standing work representing students and faculty accused of academic misconduct, including plagiarism, cheating, and research misconduct. Colleges’ and students’ reliance on the internet and web-based programs for assigning and submitting work makes this an ever-changing area in which to practice, and our lawyers understand the ways in which colleges interpret their academic honesty policies, as well as the computer forensic evidence that may be relied on to address these claims. More information on our campus misconduct practices can be found here:

Personal Injury

When you have suffered an injury, whether it be an automobile accident, a workplace accident, or a defective product that has harmed you, you are dealing with physical and emotional injury that can be severe. You also may be unable to work, and concerned about supporting yourself through your recovery. Our Boston, Massachusetts personal injury lawyers represent clients in all kinds of personal injury cases to hold the party who has injured you liable, and recover money for your medical bills, emotional distress, and lost income. We routinely represent people in all types of personal injury cases, from car accidents to animal attacks, and have recovered significant awards for our clients who have been injured through no fault of their own. For more on our personal injury practice click here.

Family Law

We represent clients in divorce, custody, alimony, and visitation matters. We understand how difficult these matters are, and work with our clients to identify their priorities and to fight for what they need for themselves and their families. For more information on our family law practice, click here.

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