The Cape and Islands

Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha’s Vineyard are known as Massachusetts’ premiere vacation destinations, but are also home to over 200,000 year-round residents. Our Cape Cod criminal defense attorneys are available to represent clients in a wide variety of cases on the Cape and islands.

Cape Cod sits in Barnstable County. The county seat is (not surprisingly) the town of Barnstable, located halfway down the Cape, about 70 miles from Boston. The Barnstable Superior Court, Probate and Family Court, Barnstable District Court, and the Town of Plymouth Division of the Juvenile Court – Barnstable are all located in the same building on Main Street in Barnstable. There are two other district courts in Barnstable county, in Falmouth and Orleans. The Town of Plymouth Division of the Juvenile Court has six locations, in addition to Barnstable there are courts in Edgartown (on Martha’s Vineyard), Falmouth, Nantucket (on Nantucket Island), Orleans, and Plymouth.

Martha’s Vineyard is part of Duke’s County, which is comprised of Martha’s Vineyard, Noman’s Island (an uninhabited island off the shore of the Vineyard), and the Elizabeth Islands, most of which are privately owned. The Duke’s County Courthouse is located on the Vineyard in Edgartown and houses the Edgartown District Court, Duke’s County Superior Court, Barnstable County/Plymouth Division Juvenile Court, and Duke’s County Probate and Family Court.

Nantucket is an island 30 miles off the coast of Cape Cod. As of the last census the population was just over 10,000, though in the summer months the island’s population reaches over 50,000. Most travelers reach the island by ferries, which depart from the docks in Hyannis on Cape Cod. While the year-round population of the Island is only 10,000 in the summer months it increases to about 50,000 including tourists and seasonal residents.

Nantucket Island, along with the privately-owned island of Tuckernuck and the uninhabited island Muskeget, form Nantucket County. The Nantucket County Superior Court, District Court, and Probate and Family Court are located on Broad Street in the Town of Nantucket. The Barnstable County/Plymouth Division Juvenile Court also has a location in that building.

Our Massachusetts criminal defense lawyers are available to represent clients charged with crimes on the Cape and the islands. Our firm has been a leader in Massachusetts criminal defense for over 50 years, and our criminal defense attorneys represent clients in every phase of a criminal case. We are available to advise clients who believe or know they are under criminal investigation, to represent clients during a criminal case and trial, and to prosecute appeals after conviction. Our experienced attorneys can handle all types of cases, from clerk-magistrates hearings where we can work to prevent a criminal charge from issuing, to common criminal charges like drug crimes and drunk driving, to serious felonies includingsex crimes, violent crimes, and white-collar crimes and fraud . Whether you have been arrested, called to a grand jury trial, or are hoping to vacate a plea or seal a criminal record, our team of attorneys will use their expertise, intellect, and creativity to protect your rights and fight for your interests.

Our lawyers are also available to represent clients in Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket employment cases in both state and federal courts. Our experienced civil attorneys can assist with employment disputes, civil rights matters. We routinely handle employment discrimination matters, negotiating severance and separation packages for employees leaving their jobs.

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