Located on Massachusetts’ South Shore, Weymouth, Massachusetts, is a Greater Boston suburb with a population of almost 54,000 residents. It is the second-oldest European settlement in the state and its thirty-three percent of Irish residents make it the tenth-highest Irish population in the entire country. The town of Weymouth’s northernmost border is the location of Hingham Bay, one of the three small bays found in the outer portion of Boston Harbor, and home to several of the Boston Harbor Islands. Due to its proximity to the water and to Boston itself, Weymouth’s history is notable in its role in the American Revolution, where military posts were strategically established at Hingham Bay’s entrance. Weymouth was home to Abigail Smith Adams, the wife of second President John Adams and the mother of sixth President John Quincy Adams; the house in which she was born and raised was built in 1865 and has been preserved by the town as a testament to what a respected and instrumental woman she was during the early revolutionary period. Weymouth also played a role in World War II, producing many ships and submarines at Weymouth’s Fore River Shipyard. Presently, Weymouth is home to many spots for exciting outdoor activities, such as biking, canoeing, and camping at Webb State Memorial Park, hiking and birdwatching in the marshes of Great Esker Park, and summer days spent on George Lane Beach.

Weymouth is located in Norfolk County. The town’s District Court matters are handed at the neighboring Quincy District Court. Weymouth’s Probate Court matters are handled through the Norfolk Probate and Family Court in Canton, Massachusetts, while its Superior Court matters are heard in Norfolk Superior Court in Dedham, Massachusetts.

The Weymouth criminal defense attorneys at Zalkind, Duncan & Bernstein have spent decades representing clients in the greater Boston area during all phases of criminal matters. Whether you have been arrested in Weymouth or are involved in an investigation, called to a grand jury trial, or hoping to vacate a guilty plea, you can rely on our team of attorneys to use their expertise, intellect, and creativity to protect your individual legal rights while fighting for your best interests. Our experienced criminal defense lawyers have successfully represented clients in many of this city’s courts. Our lawyers represent clients in all areas of criminal law, including but not limited to: drug crimes, computer and internet crimes, drunk driving, gun crimes, sex crimes, violent crimes, white-collar crimes and fraud, foreign extradition, clerk-magistrate’s hearings, restraining orders, sealing and expungement, criminal appeals.

We are also available to represent clients in Weymouth in civil matters in both state and federal courts, including employment and civil rights, and students in Weymouth (including elementary, secondary, undergraduate, and post-graduate) with discrimination, discipline, and other disputes with their schools.

If you are looking for a Weymouth employment lawyer, a Weymouth criminal defense attorney, or have an academic legal issue in Weymouth, please contact Zalkind Duncan & Bernstein LLP to speak with one of our experienced attorneys.

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